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Sunday, March 25, 2007

time well spent?

well I've spent the best part of an hour (longer??) tagging all my 140-odd posts.
Tags on the right - travel and.... other.

Although the numbers of postings per tag aren't exposed here (yet or ever - depends on how hard to do), from the admin interface I can see a rough guide as to what it is I go on about.

mainly travel, women, Arsenal, and bloggy/ webby stuff.

But I forgot to tag anything 'serious'.

or "posted while drunk".

And that would be a useful tag.


here's looking at you kid

Walking home and I'd just got off the phone from telling a friend how self concious I was that people were staring at me (I'd shaved my head that morning).
Then a very nice thing happened.

Walking up through Angel (London) I caught the eye of a very attractive girl waiting for a bus.
As I continued walking up the hill I took a sly look across to where she should be (oh as if you wouldn't) and caught her eye again - but this time she had moved around the queue to look up at me as I walked past!


and she was cute! Really!

and what did I do? Yep - I kept on walking....

somehow I really think there should be a better end to this story. Or a point. Somewhere in all that, there is a point. And an observation on how men look at women and women look at men in the street. and people staring at freaky looking shaven-headed men.

but most importantly, the effect a look from a very attractive girl can have on a man, evidenced by the fact that I'm still thnking about it hours later.


In dreams

Did you dream of me last night??

Last night was a bit weird.
Last night I had a terrible night's sleep. Awful. Tossing and turning. Partly the fault of booze and curry, partly the heat and stuffiness of my room (for boring reasons I didn't have my window open and the radiator must've been on).

anyway, I had nasty dreams where i was attacked by the cat (needle sharp claws and teeth). Almost certainly other stuff too but can't remember.

At one point I woke and found it was 4am. And I was more awake than asleep. bugger. Then a friend called me on my mobile! I didn't answer (it was 4am for christ's sake) but listened to his slightly groggy message in case he was in trouble. Nah, just a bit drunk. But weird that he'd think of me when he was drunk though. A good bloke but we haven't seen each other in months and don't regularly meet up or anything.

Anyway, instead of sleeping I tried listening to the calming music I bought recently and dozed.

I got a call from another mate later in the day asking how I was.

"Fine" says I. It turns out he'd had a nightmare last night involving me! We'd been in a club together which should have been sweaty hot and I kept complaining of being terribly cold. I then proceeded to start slamming my head on the floor. Which was embarressing for him as we were in a club. And I haven't slammed my head off anything in years! Anyway, it freaked him to the extent that he called just in case something really had happened to me (and this guy is not one of those who believes in mystic shit).
Fortunately, before he became embarrassed from talking about psychic stuff or telepathy (heaven forbid!) we started talking business.

Later still I spoke with a different friend and she had had a nightmare last night too!
Involving spiders on her bed!!

Which is almost certainly a dream about me as well!!

curry indigestion is bad enough but psychic curry wind seems to travel further still...

New music you say?

Needed to buy some new music. You know, something by a thrusting new artist, with new ideas and a irreverant disrespect for the old guard.

something.... vital. Of the moment. Risk taking.

something to connect me with the streets.

I bought Spem in alium by Tallis.
16th century choral music - great (his greatest) but... something tells me the streets aren't listening to this...


Saturday, March 10, 2007

If I work hard, I'll be just like him...

So, I'm walking past the gym to work as I do every morning and I look up at the TV they've got playing there. In the morning its playing sport from the previous evening - usually football.

Fair enough. It suits the clientele and its kinda inspirational yet entertaining.

Yesterday it was replaying the darts.

um..... oh, forget it.


Google hammered

Ah, brilliant!

I stuck this widget on the blog to say how many 'hits' it was getting (basically i had no way of knowing if someone had posted a comment and was trying this out. It hasn't worked. But then again, its hardly like I get a lot of comments... unless they're all hidden somewhere...)

anyway, anyway... one of the things it tells you is the keywords used if someone got here via Google.

To be honest, noone has arrived here via a Google search (I guess we're a select group) except for one person who had done a search for:

"gillian mckeith cut down on booze"

Amazingly this blog is second in the results list if you type that into Google!

However, I don't think that the person* found what they were looking for as my posts were about how Ben Goldacre of the Guardian hates Gillian McKeith's dangerous quackery... and my need to cut down on the booze...

he he

* if you are that person and you've come back, then I hope that things are ok, and that you do cut down on the booze, but that you don't rely on a dangerous faux doctor like McKeith. Loadsa other ways to reduce intake and not feel guilt.


It makes me MAD!!

Look, why (oh why) do we still get those fucking sandwich-boards outside of newsagents with "teasers" as to a story???

It's no point writing "TV star dies" and hoping that I'll go in and buy the evening-fucking-standard (bastards) to find out who has died! I mean, I know already! It was on the radio, I can get it on the internet. Christ I probably have an RSS feed for celeb-death!!

Stop it!! and what are yu getting at? Was John Inman a transvestite? NO HE FUCKING WASN'T!!!!!


At your service

a friend asked me to blog more. Obviously he did this outside of the blog itself but hey ho. Luckily we didn't talk face-to-face as that would be sooooooo last century...

but I haven't blogged cos I've had nothing at all to say for a while. Ok Ok that never stops me normally but still....

So, if a few random posts appear here its just me trying to scrape the barrel of my life and come upwith something.

I'm here to serve.