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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Google hammered

Ah, brilliant!

I stuck this widget on the blog to say how many 'hits' it was getting (basically i had no way of knowing if someone had posted a comment and was trying this out. It hasn't worked. But then again, its hardly like I get a lot of comments... unless they're all hidden somewhere...)

anyway, anyway... one of the things it tells you is the keywords used if someone got here via Google.

To be honest, noone has arrived here via a Google search (I guess we're a select group) except for one person who had done a search for:

"gillian mckeith cut down on booze"

Amazingly this blog is second in the results list if you type that into Google!

However, I don't think that the person* found what they were looking for as my posts were about how Ben Goldacre of the Guardian hates Gillian McKeith's dangerous quackery... and my need to cut down on the booze...

he he

* if you are that person and you've come back, then I hope that things are ok, and that you do cut down on the booze, but that you don't rely on a dangerous faux doctor like McKeith. Loadsa other ways to reduce intake and not feel guilt.



  • Actually I normally find you from Whisht PM in google.


    By Blogger Jonnie, at 1:11 pm  

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