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Monday, January 15, 2007

a moving tale of selfishness

Well, at least two people have asked me to whitter on about something and god knows I usually don't need to be asked...

However, I'm sorry madmary but I won't go on and on about my housemates, mainly as it would show the true tedious horror of my life and the extraordinarily low threshold of others' idiosynchrasies that I now have, but also as it'd be totally unfair.

y'see its me - not them. They're actually lovely people etc etc. Its just that another's quirks can wear away at you and become a sore point quite quickly.

god knows how they put up with my quirks but there you go.

I actually have never lived alone and want to try it out. I want my own space where if I want to cook, I can go in the kitchen and if I left it clean it'll be clean when I go in and if I need a pot it'll be there and not simply sitting on the stove with someone else's unfinished food in it. And I won't get disturbed halfway through cooking with people also wanting to cook. If I want to watcha movie on TV, I can watch it and not try and figure out if I'll be disturbed and have it ruined. If I want a curry and watch TV than I want to be able to do it without thinking "I wonder if so-and-so will be back - they'll probably want to use the front room and not have me stink it out with a curry... and I don't want to sit there eating it in front of them..."


ad nauseum. (in my head, not the curry)

As you can see, its me who now can't handle sharing.

Interestingly (perhaps) is that I live in a 'houseshare' as its financially the only way I can really survive in London. Although now I have enough money saved to consider buying a miniscule, overpriced room in a far worse location.

Before now I had been wary of living alone as I was worried that I would succomb to loneliness and my darker moods. Living alone could've sent me mad.

Now, living with people seems to be the thing that's driving me nuts!

I think moving out will be a good move....


  • I haven't lived alone much in my life but I can say that the one thing I really liked was my kitchen being tidy because it was easy to keep it so.

    Not just the kitchen really.

    If I had had the internet when I was living alone I think I would have found it brilliant. I like people but I also love being on my own. The internet gives me both (although I don't live alone these days).

    Learning to live with your own company is really important. You have to like yourself so that you can understand when people like you. Sorry rabbitting on. I liked this post, and thanks for referencing me.


    By Blogger madmary, at 10:43 pm  

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