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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Right. The last post mentioned two thngs I should've done. One was to suggest some blogs that I like.

so, some blogs that I like:
The Radio 4 PM blog, full of interesting thoughts from people. about stuff. Like the hanging of Saddam, heroin, Afghanistan, the importance of punctuation, recipes.... oh, and cats. Seems everyone has a cat.
Interestingly(?) a fair few have blogs of their own... think I'll do a sepearate posting of those.

The musings of my mate (like me, getting back into blogging and some of his earlier postings were, well.... he was having fun abroad. Now he's Re-Patted. but hopefully that doesn't mean the fun stuff has ended.

And my daily dose of a very well written footy blog. Well written, with links to news stories but importantly a strong editorial voice. He does swear quite a bit, but.... well.... it is about footy and the ref was a [ahem]... Arseblog
pretty obvious who I support huh? actually see hi posting after the win over Liverpool. Very even handed and criticised one of our own players rather than just sitting there smugly...)

This one I've only just come across a day or two ago and in fact almost did have an acident as this stuff really does get my juices going. Data visualisation, design etc etc etc.

And Badscience is the writings of Dr. Ben Goldacre who writes in the Guardian on a Saturday. Especially useful if you're into nutritionism. He really really really hates Gillian McKeith. I mean, even more than I hate people on telly (and that's saying something).
Though tellingly, he actually has reasons for disliking people, which I would never sink to.

I'll stop now as growabrain is a site that links to new interesting stuff on the interwub. If you're looking for something not to do over lunch then this might provide the links to it.
and its where I'll be looking for new blogs...

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  • I, too, am nurturing a hatred for "Dr" Gillian McKeith. Have a look at her Wikipedia entry, it's hilarious! I especially like the quote from Amanda Wynne, Senior Dietician of the British Dietetic Association. “We are appalled. I think it is obvious she hasn't a clue about nutrition. In fact her advice, if followed to the limit, could be dangerous".

    By Anonymous Charles Hatton, at 9:37 am  

  • Hi Charles - sorry I missed your post!

    I wish there was some way of getting notified if anyone does comment!

    Bad Science this saturday (yet) again went for the jugular.

    [apparently it contains "highly oxygenated blood from plankton" or something...]


    By Blogger rich, at 9:54 am  

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