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Friday, December 29, 2006

sumfing wot i posted on PM blog

The question was:
we're coming to the end of another year and hurtling towards the end of the first decade of a new century, so... "What do the noughties mean to you?".....


noughties huh?
reckon Jason's onto a good thing by mentioning the iPod (which isn't even the best tool in terms of functionality... but ooooohhhh just feel the surface....)

Mainly though this decade is a follow-through from the 80's "Me" generation. Now I get to have my environment with me at all times (either in a big car or with earphones). I don't have to interact if I choose not to.

And choice is about me not you. And choice is soooo important nowadays. Not bothered what's on the menu, as long as I have a choice of options (I'd rather 35 channels of cr*p than 15 channels of cr*p... 3 healthcare options rather than a single appropriate one...)

Also I get to be famous - me, me meeeeee. While people gawp on and think "it could be meee there...." and go and have yet more alcohol, splitting them from others to an even greater extent... the social oil that we all slip along on.

and blogs are all about meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

or so I thought.

All that's very simplistic.

Blogs for a start are a medium, and for every hundred rubbish, adolescent gurning cries of "hello world" and "pick me" there's one that you can connect with and grow from.

And choice is a fallacy - choice is based on knowledge, difficult complex knowledge like "which surgeon had fewer fatalities?" leading to fewer surgeons cutting open 'high risk' cases leading to... and as any designer will tell you, choice inhibits action. And whats the point of a choice between things I'm gonna ignore anyway....?

And 'my' environment is now balanced by a concern for our environment...

so, the noughties? Not so naughty, but maybe a bit more growed up?

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