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Friday, December 29, 2006

Walcott Wallcould wall might

i should at least bother to check facts, but..... is part (a small and not overwhelming part admittedly, but a part) of the reason for Walcott and Baptista not getting good runouts this season due to the fact that they were signed on performance related pay?? ie if Walcott plays a game, then we don't just pay him (fair nuff) but also Southampton. Now, we wouldn't be that tight I'm sure but..... all adds up..... the diff between 6 and 12 million is another player....

Nah, more likely its cos Brady is youth coach and advocating a start like his (ie softly softly).

seeing at how good he was, and was for us, then either way, I don't care!!

this season at least!



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