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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

share and share alike

ok ok ok I KNOW. I haven't been very active on this thing recently.

I'm sure I warned you I was shooting off to Aus and all that. Its not like I can take my cookie with me and you expect me to remember my password???!!?

Anyway, I had a wonderful time thankyou for asking. Glad to be back though as now my life can begin again.

Sordid tales of drinking champagne at 4am while watching grown men sweat will come later but I just had to share this.

I'm looking for online photo sharing sites/ services so that I can set up a site that tens of people from the wedding in Aus can all be given access to, to load up their photos. I use Flikr which i like but Flikr is linked to one's yahoo account which i'd rather not open up to dozens of people.

First interesting thing is that many sites now demand that you buy photos or stuff through their site at least once a year. Not actually that terrible but still, one of those irritants.

More staggering was which doesn't do this and seems good but demands that you know a member first! Just how the hell are you going to build up a community at that speed??

And is community building really the golden egg its cracked up to be?
I just want to share photos with a very select communty. Usually I just want to share photos with one or two people (and then random ones or whatever) but not a 'community'. Its a wedding or my family in the garden or holiday snaps - who the hell is gonna randomly come across these and think "hey - they're people I'd like to email and know and actually I want to buy that print!".

Am I missing smething here? Am i getting old and not jiggy with it?
Am I thatcherite in thinking there is no such thing as community?
Is it all just "me me me"?
nah - how could I think it is all just "me me me" when writing on a blog noone reads...?


  • I think, no know, that flickr does what you want. You have the option to make photos public or private. The public photos are viewable by anyone and they don't need a password or need to know anything about your yahooooooo account.

    By Blogger Joe, at 8:56 pm  

  • thanks for proving you read this joe. I obviously didn't make myself clear (probably drunk and ranting).
    I want lots of people I don't know very well (or at all) ie the wedding guests, to be able to post pics online. They'll need a username and password. I don't want them to have mine. But I can't do this through Flikr as it wants my Yahoo account.
    So, I have to set up a new Yahoo account just for this. And no doubt I'll be cookied etc and it'll be a pain in the arse.... maybe

    thanks anyway

    By Blogger rich, at 2:38 pm  

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