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Sunday, May 14, 2006

back again....

Well, this could've been a lot odder than it has been.
So - What am I talking about?
(btw - I hear that comment a lot)

Well, I started a contracting job last week at the company I left last October!
(I've discovered that one or two people actually do read this nonsense but there's not much to censor comment wise as I like to think I left on good terms with the company).

I left because I was tired and lost me mojo. Also, structurally, the company wasn't quite right for me. But I did feel it could be in the future, so (hopefully) left on terms where I can keep an eye out for how things might change, as they do do some 'fun' stuff here. It was just frustrating that I didn't seem to be able to do any of it and I felt I wasn't learning enough. Anyway, for the first time in my life I have a vague plan for further forward than the next day: Contract, find out how other companies 'do it', get a permanent job at the end of the year, buy a place next winter. However, if some other offer comes up... well, that's just good luck!

One of the things I do need to do though, is to get in or leave for lunch about 10-15mins earlier than I have to. This is because I keep bumping into people that I know and like from before and end up chatting on stairs and outside of lifts while my stomach rumbles!

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