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Friday, March 31, 2006

broadband was invented to read music reviews

I may very well have to update this entry later but I've had a couple, was reading stuff online, and thought I'd jot this down.

This started by looking for the lyrics for Free Will and Testament by Robert Wyatt. Its brilliant. Honestly. Desert Island disk brilliant (yeah - you narrow down a handful of choons you'd live the rest of your life with).
Found them here. Its to the album's entry and you'll have to scroll down 4 or 5 songs (jesus just how lazy are you?) but you really ought to listen to the record properly first (can't be arsed linking to amazon and buying it for you and coming round and putting headphones on your head and pinning you to a chair - I ain't done that in years).
Anyway, also on that page are the lyrics to another absolutely no-argument brilliant song - Shipbuilding by Elvis Costello. Again if you don't know it, buy it on whatever album you next see it on (as sung by Wyatt or Costello) cos its worth the price of an album alone. The 'full' price. Yeah I know, I ain't spent 15 quid on an album since I bought my mates!

Anyway, while searching for these things I found reviews etc and went and read and thought "bugger! I've discovered and forgotten you before!" So here is a good site I've found before, but forgotten about (the reason I may be back to this entry is if I find the reason I forgot it was cos its rubbish elsewhere). Its called trouserpress and is a site of reviews of music or as they elaborate:
"Trouser Press was a New York-based rock music magazine that specialized in a number of genres — British Invasion history, new wave, progressive and independent-label releases — during its existence, which was from 1974 to 1984. In 1983, the editors of the magazine authored the first of a series of record guides. Those books are the basic content of this site."

I'm mentioning it here as they point out the brilliance of the lyric:
"What kind of spider understands arachnophobia?"
and just how often do you get a review of Elvis Costello with the statement "(just what the world needs: another Randy Newman)" or the word "peregrinations".

oh. a lot? well that's cos I hardly ever read review magazines.

By the way - how many bands have called themselves "broadband?"
You'll either have to Google yourself (!) or come back later (oooooh I'm such a tease....)



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