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Friday, March 17, 2006

the ponder

I'm the kind of person that ponders. I'll see something and invent a reason for it happening. I'll imagine motivations or history; some kind of cause.

This is all well and good, and I'd got used to not expecting to ever discover the truth. However, now with Google, as long as you remember the ponder, you can pretty much answer it.

Which is why the old guy selling rocks in Chichi market was so interesting to me. Ok it was interesting regardless, but I also knew I'd never be able to Google it and discover what the hell he was doing.

So my mind set to work. He's selling chalky rock. In small quantities. Is it used in making tourist stuff (painting masks or making stuff look old?). Hmm, doesnt feel right.

Maybe they use it in flour? I remember my parents telling me that they put chalk in flour to whiten it, but I also remember that chalk is good for indigestion. Which is extremely common here. I mean, there are posters for Alka Seltzer everywhere, and they can't all be for the tourist community. The locals must be suffering from some of the same problems.

I ponder on....



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