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Friday, March 17, 2006

i blame me guts

So, just so you get the picture, I'm staying at Panajachel which is a very small lakeside town, where most tourists simply stay within a short stroll of a strip of stalls that remind me of Glastonbury (tshirts, ethnic rugs, trinkets etc).

The lake itself is beautiful and there are a few pics in me Flikr place (click on the pics on the right)

However, while I'm here I'm feeling a little "delicate" stomach wise. Plenty of water, salt and bland food. Which in Guatamala is actually very easy to do.
I do enjoy it here but I've noticed my notebook extracts are a bit.... grumpy. a tad misanthropic. For example:

"Qu'elle suprise - they're drumming the sun down. Thought they would - dunno where they were yesterday. Wonder how the sun coped without them?"

Ok hippies might get up my nose but still, a bit sarky on my part. Probably just jealous that I'm not able to go out with one of their skinny girlfriends.



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