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Saturday, March 11, 2006

in a bar in Antigua...

Ok first thing is - there are downsides to drinking alone in a bar. I don't drink alone in pubs in England unless I'm watching footy, but when you're on holiday, well, what else are you gonna do at night?

As I said before its rubbish as you have to take everything with you (coat, notepad) when you go to the loo, but its even worse when you come back and lose your place at the bar.

This place has filled up with cute women. Where have they come from? Everyone's dressed up like its... oh yeah. The other thing that is a bit funny about being on holiday is that you forget what day it is. Everyday is like Saturday when you're on holiday.

Tonight isSaturday - hence the well dressed cute women.

However, Antigua is a haven for language schools, so I am the only gringo here who doesn't speak Spanish. Its gonna be tricky chatting to these local girls...



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