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Monday, February 27, 2006

a shame and a possible encouragement..

which will be a fucking relief.

My mate J** (using his new code) says that he won't be blogging anymore! yeah i and all of you know that this is tragic.

Without knowing he'd blogged this (I've been away - did i mention? It was to Central America. Guatamala in fact! yeah, let me tell... oh hold on) I sent him a link to another blog I sometimes read (yeah - I ain't faithful). This is an Arsenal blog which today was celebrating its 4th year. And it gets updated daily! it really does. So I thought I'd send my mate J*e a link to today's entry which goes on about how his bloglife has changed, how and why he's kept it up and so on. except I can't link to a specific entry so just look at the long one for 27th

maybe it'll keep J** blogging as his is funnier.



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