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Thursday, January 19, 2006

ch ch ch changes

Well, I've been surfing like nobody's business (and it really isn't any of your business, but I'll tell you anyway...)

My online behaviour is utterly transformed by now being broadband. No longer am I clicking a link and then chewing my nails as the browser goes white, and I watch the blue bar bottom left creep along and let me know that, yes, its thinking about it... yep, it thinks there might be a site there.... oh, ok here's the first few bits (it looks like you really did want them as you'd waited long enough), and ok here's the rest of the site.
Honestly, "browsing" the internet is a wholly innappropriate description when using dialup. I mean, you don't pay for how much time you've spent in a library or newsagent, constantly checking your watch, skimming quicker than you want and then rushing out so as not to pay too much.

Dunno about you (maybe wealthier, maybe you made the switch years ago) but I developed 'tactics' for "browsing" and trying to avoid being completely stung every 3 months by BT. The old right-clicking and opening up the target in a new browser was a fave and I'd end up with 10 or more browser windows across my Taskbar - I'd quickly kill the connection then read at my leisure. Although of course I was scuppered in following any links... on second thoughts not exactly "leisurely".
Other tactics involved actually buying the saturday paper for TV and movie listings! Yeah, I know. crazy.

Now I'm online as soon as I turn my computer on. I get the info I need when I want it. I don't wait for the phone to be out of use. I don't 'wonder' anymore.

This change between dialup and broadband will be seen in about 5 year's time as similar to the widespread use of mobile phones. I mean, can you remember what it was like?
"I'll meet you about 7pm at the station"
"OK. [pause while thinking and planning...] We'll probably go to The Royal Oak first, and then move on up to the Cooper's. No, I think we'll probably pop into the White Hart, then the Cooper's"
"Right. Royal Oak, then the Cooper's then the Whi..."
"No, The Royal Oak, then the White Hart then the Cooper's"

And effectively that's yer night planned out if you actually wanted to meet this person. Otherwise, plenty of hunting around, and waiting. Now we don't even plan:
"Right, finishing around 6ish. I'll call"
"Cool. see yer later"

maybe not even 5 years. maybe in 2. In 5 years time we'll all have forgotten and remember it nostalgically.



  • Have been on 2MB broadband at home since BT's first trials in early 1999. So that is like 7 years right? Dial-up is already a distant memory, like primary school.

    Meanwhile my recent habits include stopping using instant messengers, which i'd used since 1997. And cutting down on SMS.

    This is beginning of my own post-communications revolution revolution.

    Keep bloggin'

    By Anonymous the_G, at 1:57 pm  

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