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Monday, January 09, 2006

"urgh, I hate him! My own son!!"

Met a wonderful retired couple in Cadiz. (Cadiz by the way is an avoidable place. Its ok, but don't leave a great place for it).
Anyway, back to the couple. Met them in a posh tapas bar/ restaurant. This place was very unlike the stickier beer'n'wine'n'crumpled-napkins places I'd been in so far. Of these I'd really liked a couple in Seville, but many were forgettable greasy minifork-like places (especially in Cadiz). This posh place however was far more upmarket, with better heeled clientele. And for these discerning types, the tapas was a bit more interesting and tasty (Pinchu Moronu had lamb and dates on the skewers - really really good).
Anyway, back to the couple (actually I tend to stray from the point when I chat - "no shit you-who-know-me-cry" - but hell, I'll get there I'll get there. and the journey may be fun. Actually this is a crap story to expose you to the joys of my meanderings as this ain't that good a story but...)

Anyway, they were a retired couple from Switzerland who had come to Andalucia 10 years before. They love Spain. Especially the wife who was the chatty one. She loved Spain so much that now, she rarely goes back to Switzerland for more than a coupla days a year "After that, its too much; I have to leave, its so... so.... ooooueeerrurghhhh! [no translation available]".

She then went on to tell me about her wonderful children. Her son, he learnt percussion and is "Very successful. Worked with very good people. He also worked with Sting... and travelled to Africa, America, New York, but still, still he's so swiss! I hate him. My own son!! I hate him! He's so swiss! urgh!"
"Its the mountains" says her husband imitating blinkers with his hands.

Perhaps a bit 'neat' for mountains and flat areas creating different outlooks, but a lovely couple who've discovered a great life in Spain.
Even if they have lost 'connection' with their place of birth.

and kids.



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