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Thursday, December 29, 2005

mime is a cafe con leche, por favor

If coffee tastes like tobacco is it bad or am i just hungover?

yes, I've learnt "cafe con leche". As its the only coffee (hell, any drink other than "cerveca") that I know how to say, I drink it everywhere.
Like everyone, I learn food and drink first, hotels second (they kinda know what you're there for, so fingers and mime go a long way).

Flirting is trickier in a new language. I tend to use my hands (steady there) and knowing gestures. My mate thinks that he invented them but they're kinda essential to pass off ignorance and keep in the chase. Mime is ok (hell, my hands move when i speak in English so just take on more focus when I'm saying "eeerrrrmmmmm....") but you don't really need any of the above when a Columbian woman (21?) looks you squarely in the eye and says "69" when describing her tattoo of 2 dolphins. I'd been trying to say "pisces" the zodiac sign, wondering how not to just stoopidy say "fish" in Spanish. But no. She's just looking me straight in the eye and saying "69. Yes?"

well, yes. No mime needed. maybe some hand movement.
But not in this restaurant....

as it turned out, me and Joe left early. As I say, to my shame, I don't speak Spanish and hadn't picked up on his earlier gaffe (read the earlier link). I did pick up on other things (he can dance, don't let him deceive you) but I respected his need to leave. Admirably he said "feel free to stay, Rich" and meant it, but I was with 2 Columbian girls and knew that the sharks would start circling the second he was gone. and they'd speak Spanish. and they'd be able to dance. and they'd make them giggle. Nah, I decided to leave with dignity rather than (much) later and drunker.

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