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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

exactly what I was thinking

I was looking at 43places and all the places people want to go to, want to do and came across this guy. I gotta get in touch because, although he doesn't want to go anywhere, he's wondering about exactly the same things as me - an example:

"Watch a Chicken kill an Otter
Chickens have sharp noses but they also have sharp claws. Otters are fast and have sharp teeth and can swim in the water as well as the land. It would be cool, just once, to see a chicken come out on top. Maybe if it was a real big chicken and a small otter it could happen. I'm going to pray to God for this one."

As one does with rude words in dictionaries, I looked up Stevenage and amazingly someone had been there. she said it was a "shithole".
Difficult to argue with that, especially as that was all she said....

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