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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

blair blair blah

"the end is nigh for Blair?"

yeah, maybe. However most interesting thing i heard earlier today was who asked Brown to come back from the Middle East? The whips? maybe or maybe not... It may have been very canny gamesmanship indeed (though this doesn't sound like him):
If Blair "wins" then (it could be seen) only because of Brown.
If Blair loses... well, he loses and Brown is seen as almost pityingly loyal and 'sound'.

probably just the situation he was put in.

Lots of "this was Blair putting himself on the line... a test of his leadership..." etc. Lots of pretty pissed off MPs saying "Hey look, I voted because of the issues and the argument, not because of whether i was for or against Blair and I resent you saying I ain't got a brain..."

the next 2 days will tell whether momentum takes 'it' away from him. "Events" will be the most important thing (if there's any terrorism anywhere in the world it will be leapt on by his side. As '90 days' will be a "recruitment sergeant for terrorism" lets see how canny Al Q is...)


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