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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

thinky thinky

Why, I don't know, but I was relating my story of being pretty seriously beaten up in London (broken jaw, fractured eye socket, fractured rib - I'll regale you all with this one at another time). But Ronda pointed out something which kinda hit home in a way it hadn't before. My reaction to it was simply to get through the recuperation. She on the other hand would have naturally told her parents and got some TLC, but that idea horrified me - my parents would've gone nuts with worry from that moment on. Sure, they'd have been upset should they have later found out and me not to have told them, but by then they wouldn't have seen my face, would have seen me well and it wouldn't have been so 'real'. Ronda pointed out though, that I had noone to care for me during that time (perennially single) except for housemates who couldn't "take me in" (as she put it) in the way a partner can or a mother. Made me realise that I've missed much more than plentiful sex all these years, and is still keeping me thinking...

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