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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

as luck would have it (as a form of planning)

Went to Zvolen in Slovakia. Old market town with a castle, where my friend wanted to take me for tea. It was closed and in a typical Ronda moment she called a friend that she knows lives in Zwollen yet had not been in contact with for ages ("Hi, yeah, I'm in Zvolen - where are you?"). Through sheer luck, her friend Rachel is actually in town for a few days and we meet up in a coffee place. This is in an anodyne mall cafe, exactly like millions of others across the world. Well, exactly like them if they also have tacky realistic paintings (think Athena but not airbrush) of nude women in Playboy poses. This was slightly odd until i saw the one where the woman was on all fours "presenting" from behind. Kinda incongruous with the middle class parents and all the kids playing.

I try and keep my eyes on the people I'm with.



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