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Saturday, October 29, 2005

"get to the point"... why?

Talking with Ronda is FUN! We're very alike - this is odd as now 2 of my mates have gone out with women that are 'very like me'. If I think about this too much... it'll give me a headache).
We talk in a similar way ie we'll be talking and then veer off the main point, mention sometrhing related and then get back on track. and we might do this 2 or 3 or 4 times during one 'story'. This is obvioulsly frustrating for all those poor soulds who have to have linear stories. Hell for them would be listening to the Ronnie Corbett monologiues. actually that'd be hell for anyone but yio know what i mean.. What these people don't realise is that this off-roading' of the point is meant to illustrate or highliught or in some way colour the original story. But we will get bacjk to the point. honest. As long as we remember what it was... Ronda and i both respected this pause as we searched for ewhat the hell it ewas that had led us to this diversion.... Its really fun when you find soemone who does this to ve able to listen rather than be the one talking... (thinking about it its mainly women that do this. If i think about this too long... I get a headache..)



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