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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

work? who needs it?

well, the end of my first Monday without work - through my own choice.

yes, like others I've decided to take a break from working. why? well i realised that i was bored at work (I'd stopped caring and stopped learning) and i am not married, no kids, no mortgage - so, instead of simply switching to another company to start learning more and caring more, I thought
a break was in order.

This is also a time in my life personally that i feel free to take off and travel - mainly there were excuses i made for myself but anyway, no more excuses left. Even people who are, at least to my mind, pretty materialistic said "go on - do it" - that was a real and pleasant shock! not the "have you thought about a pension/ career progression?" line.

so. I gave up work. I can last till next year, financially. longer if i bum around the far east but less if i bum around Aus (where i have friends). How long I'll last before boredom sets in is a different matter.

so first off I've taken on chores - gonna paint my bathroom (white again) and a housemate's room (white again). Yes the wonderful Helen has left to be replaced by the wonderful Lise - Danish with a lovely Dane/ cockney/ Leeds accent! (weird coincidence - Helen, Lise and I were all in Leeds during the early '90's yet never knew each other and only found out after each had joined the house.

god I'm still hungover yet also a bit drunk. been celebrating since last Wednesday - gotta give my kidneys a break.

but a bit pissed as I was watching Arsenal down the Old Queen's Head. We won but.... isn't that just it? even when we were winning (or at least not losing) every game wasn't there a "but..." moment? or is that just me being pessimistic? and tonight? well Everton were poor at the back and the front. yet we kept giving the ball away. Anty other team would've completely destroyed us for this but luckily they weren't able to. Anyway, good for Sol.

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