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Friday, July 08, 2005

well, this one is certainly not about sex (except i did see a famous star..)

ok, another blog about a bomb in a city. there'll be loads and mine won't be exceptional, but it would be odd not to mention it.

me? well, i was in a meeting (actually for the record two meetings back-to-back). I then tried calling a colleague on my mobile and got a funny 'dead' tone. what - did they know i'd resigned and stopped my phone too early?? i stuck my head out of the office and got a bunch of people talking "bombs" "suicide bombers" "power surges" "buggered tubes" (i think this last was about the underground...)

obviously like a rational soul (and a coceited consultant) i thought "oh dear, what news has caused everyone to over-react..?" and was immediatley slapped in the face with the reality that "something has happened". something that , quite honestly, makes you shut up. Shut up but not actually feel anything

and that's it. I live in a city of millions. I have no connection to "millions" and I can't connect with the number 30 bus which i sometimes use. and which my housemate was behind (if he didn't have a hangover maybe he'd have got on that one...)
hey ho.

oh, the sex aspect. I almost forgot. on my way home I walked up (actually everyone in London walked - could inspire people who'll suddenly realise "it only took 15 mnhutes") but as I walked back through Exmouth Market I saw Saffron Burrows. Looking a bit gaunt (and coked up?? at 6pm??!!?) but beautiful nonetheless.

if you're reading this Saffron, I was the guy in the grey shirt trying not to gurn.

or sweat.

damn that grey shirt

also forgot to mention that as soon as i got home i quickly and too easily downed 5 or 6 stellas. heat or nerves, i'll leave to you, but forgive the rambling....



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