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Monday, July 11, 2005

ignore that last one

god i got drunk that night. and then for some reason thought i'd share thoughts with the world. what an eejit.

had my other date so i guess that'll be the end of this blog!

oh, how'd it go? well, thanks for asking. Well, it went well. Enjoyed her company, had a laugh, made me think, made me talk, made me listen when i wasn't thinking or talking (which i don't do at the same time so i probably didn't leave enough time for listening...)

but no. again, i enjoyed the moment but there'll be no more. No spark, no fancy. Is it me? is it that they don't fancy me or i don't fancy them or..?

pointless reverie. and nothings come to mind as i stare at the screen and its coming to midnight again....



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