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Saturday, July 30, 2005

danelaw rules!

had a VERY random night last night. met up with an ex colleague with whom i've shared a "could've been" with. She's happily with someone and always has been but there's obviously been a chemistry - only once fell into a slight snog, but generally we have our arms round each other when we meet.
Met her and random group with her and got in free to a club. I was one of the very few (only??) white guys there. which i only realised later on but kinda good to be somewhere like that. Started chatting to these 3 Danish girls - very beautiful. And their beautiful american friend. and their cute
english friend... we all end up in the VIP suite (the guys there are verrrrry slick "laydeeeez...").

as you'd expect, the VIP lounge of a club in Leicester Sq has Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK contestants being glamourous and the guys being kept at bay. me? I was dancing. at one point I was on this deep sofa with 4 beautiful danish american women laughing and gossiping... sigh. wish i had a camera to show the grand-kids.....

so, i'm getting on verry well with the american woman (Christina) who is very smart (writes for a business management company on trends in Eastern Europe). then my ex-colleague jumps down beside us and within minutes Christina is making her wan excuses (dental appointment!??) and is gone. "was it somethng i said?" says my "could've been" friend. jealousy? you decide (earlier when i was invited up to the VIP lounge with the glamourous women, Christina and me linked arms. My ex-colleague ran to my other arm "where you going..? even non-ego me can see a pattern...)

anyway. I was dancing. with one of the Danish girls (teasing her as she fancied one of the guys) but she told me i was a really good dancer. which was both a surprise and really nice (especially unsolicited). and was even funnier when she kept telling these guys "this guys a really good dancer" - the daggers they looked at me.... he he. And then I started dancing with these two girls (from Trinidad) and by GOD - that is intimate dancing!! jeeeeeezusss! I didn't even know her name and we chastely put our hands on each others backs then - wham! - we're 'grinding' together!! and then SHE asks me "where did you learn to dance like this?" and I'm thinking that it sure as hell wasn't in Irish dancing lessons at the age of 6. "with you - right now" i say - corny? p'haps, but true! we continued and kept on a-grinding. bloooody hell.... anyway, she left as well.

so to cut a long story to its length (ie long) I finally realised I had no phone numbers and no way to ever contact any of these Danes or girls again.
so I go up to the Scarlett Johanssen look-a-like (honest) and tell her to call my mobile and we agree to meet for coffee on Sunday. No romance - she was with someone else, but the Danes agreed that I was a "nice guy" and couldn't understand how on earth i was single...

I left alone but content. which is why I'm still single i guess (no killer instinct..)

and that was Friday.



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