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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Poland (and tales for the blog?)

so, off to Poland tomorrow to visit an old friend and visit some places (Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Bratislava...). Those of you that care (and I'm sure you all do) will want to know that this is Ronda I'm visiting (Joe's ex-wife). I haven't seen nor spoken to her in 5 or 6 years yet I'd still say she is a good friend and fantastic company - when we do see each other there's usually a gap of a year or so and then we just yap about what's happened and then get on with what's outside the door. I guess this time there's just a bit more to yap about (since i saw her I stopped being an illustrator and turned into a web design/ IT consultant which I've also just stopped after 5 1/2 years - tedium got to me. and quite a bit of personal stuff concerning unrequited love, bereavement and bouncing off walls. sheesh quite a bit then).

She teaches TEFL and has invited me into her class when i arrive in Katowice: "would you like to visit my class? A group of 8 or so 18 yr old girls??? I could plan a lesson about British culture and at the end they can interview you. Interested?"
yup, i kinda got interested at the part you'd expect...

judging by 2 of the best blogs I've read, there has to be some sexual shenannigans to this blog to keep up interest - so at least the journey begins with the right kinda setup.

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