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Friday, October 28, 2005

Cute 18 year old questions

So the questions 18 year old girls in Katowice want to ask me:
Have I ever eaten haggis? - yes, it was very strong and I ralised that they had no idea what "swede" as a vegetable is ('red turnip'?? - Is Swede something only my parents called it? wouldn't be the first time...)
How do you make pudding? - This one foxed me. Kinda any way you like... it then transpires that in Europe and America 'pudding' is a custard. I am just soooo uncultured.
What is my best James Bond part? - unfortunately I didn't get all double entendre with this one. I thought she meant actor but she meant film (Dr. No?)
Have you met Queen Elizabeth the Second? - very deliberate use of title there from the sweet girl in front. "No, but she's welcome roundmy place for tea any time she likes" gets the expected giggle.
Have you ever been on a double decker? - telling them that the Routemaster is destined to extinction is both boring and alarming. Didn't know i could do both in one sentence.
Do I know "Kircek"(sp?) Dudek? Seems this is a more familiar way of saying Jerzy. He's actually on billboards all over the place in Poland - is he the most famous Polish export at the moment?
Did I like their station at Katowice? - I probably didn't notice but I will in future that Katowice station is a real dump, and obviously a talking point of the town.
Then one of the girls says that she "really like sthe Birmingham accent". Now, don't get me wrong, one of my dearest friends grew up outside of Brum, but I can't think of anyone saying they actually liked the accent. Seem this girls been listening to The Streets, so she probably likes Mockney more.
She then says she really likes my accent too, blushes and hurries away giggling after class. ahhhh, jeezus, i could flirt with a door.

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