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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ok so I'm on my way to Poland to visit an old friend. This'll mean that I won't get into any trouble or chat anyone up at bars inappropriately o take anyone back to me hotel. So, if that's why you're reading this blog, apologies. Mind you, if you're reading this then you presumably know me and should realise i hardly ever get into any trouble... hmm

air hostess had that look of perma-tan and too much makeup - would this be the kinda distracting eye-candy for the trip or would there truly be this land of lithe blondes with beautiful smiles...?

Flew into Warsaw (the strips of farmland in Europe make me think its practically medieval! None of the rolling fields I'm used to, and god knows what the americans make of it.with their state sized fields.

I have an hour to burn before my connection to Katowice (gotta stop pronouncing "w"s and hard "c"s cos I'm getting blank looks when I'm saying "catoweeka") so walk into Warsaw. Not as bleakly Russian as I'd been forewarned by the guidebook. In fact the PKiN building is quite ornate (obviously I have no idea what I was expecting - probably bigger versions of Senate House in London).

Apparently they rebuilt the city centre as it had been before the war - again my untrained eye can't really pick this up so I see an old-ish town surrounded by tower blocks. I don't really get long enough to make it to the centre before I have to get back so... maybe I'll spend more time here when i return to leave.
Arrive in Katowice station at night - keep my head down, don't look around too much as it's kinda like a bigger version of Finsbury Park station which always spooks me (mainly cos I've been done there 2 or 3 times). My friend (Ronda) is teaching an evening class of 18 yr old girls and i get there easily due to really good directions (I remark upon this as i find most people's directions to places lousy as they always miss an essential component, like "turn left when the road splits.."). My friend hasn't changed in 5 years. fantastic to see her again. I sit in her class and these really sweet girls ask me some questions they've preprepared about "English culture". And yes, they're 18 but I (now?) realise i ain't into girls this young (was I ever, even when i was 18?) Anyway, reassuring to know I'm not a pervert as the older I get the younger the girls that strike my eye seem(ed) to be.

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