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Sunday, October 30, 2005

the worst DJ in the world

went to a 'chill out' bar in search of after hours drinking. Here there were 3 people and 1 "DJ". Actually this is a stretch of the term as he basically had a Bob Marley album (vinyl) and was picking up the needle and dropping it onto the next track. can't remember the other album he had but it was an hour of "3 little birds... ccchhhthhhUUUNKKK....No woman no Cry.... CCCKKKKKKkkkkkkTHHunkkkkk .... waahhh wahhhh.."
we had 3 vodka and oranges. Literrally. I mean 3 vodka shots and 3 tall oranges. I had to "depthcharge". But otherwise a relatvely sophisticated bar. Reminded me of the Spanish bars on Hanway street.



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