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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

a nice up of tea...

Meet another Slovak friend (Jorga) and the four of us have this fantastic conversation over tea. I mean, really chilled out. Go back in the morning for breakfast and then on to the castle to go to this tea place. Basically a couple of guys have hired a room in the castle and transformed it into an Indian inspired chill out tea place. Its actually a really good spot, where you can sit for hours over the same pot of tea and they'll simply bring along more boiling water. Can't imagine they'll make much from it, but I have such a great time with these 2 girls that I end up buying six 50g bags of loose tea for friends (I think someone was secretly filming me buying the tea but to hell with those bloody modelling contracts...)
This girl Rachel is very special. She speaks half a dozen languages, and has really got her head together. Very reflective but also good fun. and sorted enough to say things like "I'm really proud of who I am at the moment. But I've got a long way to go..."
Shit, I'm nearly 10 years older and still not as sorted!



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