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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Banksa without the graffitti (ok that's lame i know)

Ronda and I travel on to Banksa Stivianka - this is a beautiful hill town that's on the Unesco list of protected towns. Its really picturesque and the Unesco aspect must be frustrating for locals but its kept their town free of concrete block buildings (which undoubtedly woulda come along), even if it leaves abandoned buildings crumbling, awaiting someone who can actually afford to do them up. Everything is on a slope of cobbled streets and I know we could have stayed here overnight and done the place justice over 2 afternoons. Mind you eating out would've been interesting. Or not as the case may be. The one thing I wouldn't go to Slovakia for would be the food - lotsa meat, lotsa cheese, often together, but neither of any great quality.



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