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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Purgatory is an overlong wait to leave from an airport

Brilliant. I'm at the airport bored shitless. Nowhere to sit and here far too early. Draw the checkout girl while she's not looking just to pass the time (is this the first steps towards stalking people?) She reminds me of someone but even this game of trying to figure out who begins to pall (after a few seconds). I'm really dehydrated and have only a few zloty left. Just enough for one drink. Not a pint (even if there was a bar) but I go for coffee. Without thinking I order an espresso as the last one I ordered in town was a tall glass affair even though I knew this wasn't 'right' somehow. oooohhh lucky me, at the airport they know that it should be a thimbleful of strong diuretic for a dehydrated eejit.

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