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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

a fib comes back to me...

I visited a place in Virgina (US) about 10 years ago (friends lived nearby) and the town was very 'quaint'. Lots of "antique" stores selling 19th century americana. I have vague memories of lots of lace. and a 60's Ken and Barbie dolls - antique??

One thing I did do (why..?) was go into a bakery and get their pecan pie. For some reason I told the lovely girl there that their pie was "famous" and that it had appeared in a guide book. I bought 2 pieces.

complete flannel from me but the pie was delicious and both pieces were very large.

If you ever go I suggest also going into a bakery on the main street and saying this. Ok, for me it was a spontaneous fib, but hell, it made her very happy. And now, my fib is kinda true as you are being recommended it… kinda...



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