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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I wonder...

now, I have no idea if you're similar to me (I suggest not screaming at strangers at the top of your lungs if you are) but I tend to wonder about things and not do anything about it.
An example of this was about a program that I saw years ago on Channel 4. It was during that mid-80's period when all dramas seemed to be wilfully obscure until the last episode when all the strands were brought together. Mind you eeven then it was a bit of a struggle and left you thinking you'd missed something. maybe an episode or two.
This program was called "Brond" and starred John Hannah and Stratford Johns. Now, the annoying thing was that I could remember all these details but noone I knew or met (or screamed at) could. annoying. but not annoying enough to find evidence of it and send it out to people with a "ah ha - this is the thing i was wittering on about".

Now I have broadband, am idle online and no cares of cost of stoopid browsing AND remember that I have this odd wonder about something inconsequential. Stick all that together and you get:

Throughout human history sleepnessness has had no companion. Now it has the internet. maybe there is a god, but now I'm too busy browsing to wonder about it.



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