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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

me and the kids are too stupid to read this, so please don't publish it

mayhem is being caused i tell ya, mayhem...

There's a publisher of poetry which releases a book each year to schools (or so it seems). This year the theme was "Important leaders in history" and a 14yr old boy has written a poem from the point-of-view of Adolf Hitler thinking about the Jews. Lots of "I hate them, I think they are bad/ thinking of them makes me sad." Actually, although I guess it won't be shortlisted for any awards its not bad for a 14 year old - hell, most of it rhymes...

Now, controversy is being stirred as an MP from Liverpool Louise Ellman, who before she actually read the poem was "alarmed" and had told the publisher that she thought that it was inciteful, was going to 'write to people' and believed that it should at least be awarded an ASBO or something. A Jewish newspaper had taken some of the lines and made hay with them "hatred taught in schools" or somesuch. Hopefully that journalist has at least got some impressive press clippings to their name, and lets hope their careerism does no harm to anyone writing peotry in schools.

Jesus, I've just remembered that I had a painting censored at my school when I was 15 or so! There was a Parents' evening and the school wanted to put up some paintings by the sixth form on a wall - bit of colour and talent and such while people worried about their kids' grades and stood in corridors that made them only slightly less nervous than hospital corridors. I'd finally got the hang of paint (most of the colours were 'as-you-see-them' rather than Fauvist) and had taken 3 photographs from a compilation of Picture Post articles in a book (leant me by the art teacher - a bad influence no doubt....). So, a picture of Alfred Hitchcock and some actress was painted in front of a bombed building looking at a dead soldier. Blimey! I can see how that would upset people! I mean, the perspective was a tad dicey around Hitch due the different camera angles, I mean I tried but...
Anyway it wasn't bad for a 15 year old and was going to be put up, but the Headmaster apparently vetoed it!! My art teacher was almost overcome with pleasure that I could've ruffled the feathers of the Establishment at so tender an age... oh what would become of me...? and such a nice family....

anyway, back to the 15 year old boy (Gideon I believe - very religious name.... suspicion grows....). I think he was shot. or gassed.

too right.

for an objective piece including the facts i was too lazy to write
for the views of a very stupid person who is happy to make money while inciting hatred read Julie Birchill - an idiot


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