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Thursday, November 24, 2005

well, what would YOU say..? in fact did you get something similar??

I'm on looking for lurve. Or lust. or just sex. Once I find any of these I'll know what I was looking for I guess. What I've had is a few nice afternoons and evenings. Nuff said.

There are quite a few people scamming along the lines of this corker:

"Good afternoon, also can be good evening.
First of all I want to name to you my name. My name - Irina.
I already very much during long time dreamed to get acquainted with the foreigner.
I have been involved always with England.
I think, that England this very good place to live and remove family. I think, it
England will like those people which want to work and happy. I think, it
I the good woman and I want to have the best life. I want to remove family, and I want
To enter into a marriage sometime! I the young woman. To me now 29 years and I think, it now
When I already enough adult it am necessary for me to think of a private life. For this reason
I have addressed to the Internet in search to my soul mate. Now it is very popular.
I understand from structure which you also in the soul mate of search and I would like to speak with you!
I am not confident anyway, that you receive my letter. I am not familiar with the Internet
And I only have carelessly found this site, and it speaks, which many people have found
The love and now is happy! I want to try also!
I think, which I should tell about me a little. I think, that I the attractive woman.
I have white hair of the blonde and dark blue eyes. I 5 " 8 " high and I also 121 foots to weigh.
It is a pity, that I cannot apply a picture for you. If you will write to me the letter directly
To mine E-mail I promise, that I shall send you a picture!
If you have interest in the Russian woman, I shall be pleased to receive your letter. Only please
With me to be serious. I sincerely hope, that you the good person and you will write to me.
Until then I wish all of you the most good. Write to me soon. With hope, Irina.
On october 13 2005

ps I have inquiry to you, that you have written to me on this address of e-mail:"

I'm guessing she'll want me to pay for the first date. And flight.

But I got this yesterday and couldn't figure out if it was a setup or not:
"tell you something? your starting was not so great...let's say...but the rest quite seem quite English, basically for so many please please i read, so what can you tell me about yourself?
what does make you smile? your prefered meal?
your best holiday?"

Now I think she's legit, so I replied. I'll keep you on tenter-hooks as to what happens.



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