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Thursday, November 24, 2005

oh god, its making sense now...

urgh. doing a bit of freelance "website audit" work. Just a little to remind me of why I'm on holiday.

God, I opened the "brief" from the client, to discover a Powerpoint presentation cobbled together from existing presentations (I think justifying what the site is for, why it needs funds probably), with a coupla of specific slides slotted in answering the proposed questions we actually had for the audit. Actually this isn't such a huge surprise - usual stuff. BUT I'd forgotten what shite can be written in the cause of 'business'. So much turgid lingo bullshit eg this beauty of a slide:

Obtain information about developments and implementation of international HR & Benefits policies & processes:
  • Access to market information on international benefits practices
  • Benchmarking compensation against competitors
  • Standardisation of benefits programmes
Corporate governance & risk management
  • Identifying and managing global pension risks

So I thought "huh huh, at least I'm gonna blog this stuff later.." Now I've gone back through it after working with it for a few hours and Christ - it makes sense!

I'm doomed I tell ya... we're all doomed...

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