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Monday, January 09, 2006

I hate 80's music

I hate 80's music - berk

I used to say (actually i still do) that I hated 80's music. What I meant was I hated the stuff I heard growing up at the time (mainly). This is shown in the fact that I was into Dire Straits. I stumbled across some interesting stuff in the late 80's but tend to remember the floppy haircutted ToTP stuff (follicle envy?). I also became a muso snob, hating "popular" stuff and preferring 'unusual' stuff (like all adolescents?) but couldn't find enough of the bloody stuff!

Why am I telling you this? because Fopp is saving me from a lifetime of stoopidity with its £5 CDs. So, I'm getting into bands i didn't know at the time. Currently its Talk Talk. and right now its Spirit of Eden I've got on. Jeezus its good.



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