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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Liberals - high and dry?

Ws gonna blog this last night but couldn't be bothered. Well, a night is a long time in politics blah blah...

Did you see Charles Kennedy's performance on Channel 4 news with Jon Snow? This was Kennedy's big chance. A stage to barnstorm on and be vital and decisive and brilliant. Instead he looked pasty, ill, tired. I thought "hell, he's blown it".
Now of course we get the "revelation" that he has a drink problem. Biggest open secret in politics aside, it looks like they'll challenge and hope he recovers 'away from the stresses of front bench... more time with his family... etc'

Which will leave Cameron as the longest serving party leader come the next election. hmm... this is gonna be interesting...

anyway. normal service will now resume as we go back to Spain stories and women etc.



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