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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dancer in the Dark

Saw Dancer in the Dark today (appalling weather outside so sat in, drank some port and watched it - very Yulelike).

The film... well. I think that the film was rubbish (why the stir at Cannes??) but haveing said that, I was crying at moments. So, was this due to Bjork's "extraordinary" performance? Prob'ly. It sure as hell wasn't her co-stars' acting or singing. Actually maybe their singing could have driven me to tears...

But no. Maybe I'm just a big softie, but seeing Bjork crying (and she really is - whatever is ripping her up to get the performance is making her cry - she ain't that good an actor) made me well up as well.
Lars Von Triers' contributions to the film (hand-held steadicam and fixed cameras, as well as the trite "story") are rubbish. I appreciate trying new approaches to filming musicals but he doesn't pull it off. But getting Bjork was a good ploy as the music is good, her singing heartfelt and, as she can't act, cinema verite (or whatever) is actually perfect for her.


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