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Friday, January 20, 2006

on moidering a metaphor

So, I've been surfing a lot more. Actually, "surfing" is a shite analogy. Its actually far more like "snorkeling".
Honestly, you put yourself in, you wander around looking down into an environment you don't usually look at and you do whatever takes your fancy, whether its diligently studying a piece of coral or following the biggest brightest fish.

And dialup was like not actually having a snorkel - just holding your breath.
And no. "Scuba diving" hasn't happened yet. If you do want to carry this analogy on (and far be it from me to stop throttling and whalloping a straining metaphor), this state will only happen when we not only interact with the internet through browsers but through lots more as well. But we're getting there (eg mobile phones or gadgets being used to 'ping' stores and be notified of offers or recommendations - "your mate Brian bought that pair of trainers here last week...").

there that's enough.



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