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Friday, January 20, 2006

some blogs

Ok, here's a coupla things I found recently.
Let this not fool you. I found loads of stuff, but most of it wasn't worth mentioning. However:

  • "Arseblog" is a must for all Arsenal fans. As they proudly say, "its fucking excellent". And updated daily (does the guy not work??!)
  • "Plasticbag" is by someone in the web-world which made me think of returning to the industry after my sojourn
  • "" is something I've just signed up to - a community site (don't all yawn) based on music you listen to (it gets a feed from your iTunes or other mediaplayer). Interestingly it says it needs about 300 tunes to get any sense of your listening preferences. Either this'll be good, or its sucking over 4000 choons off my computer....
  • "daidala" is a blog for typographers. It made me laugh with real joy and recognition. Start on the link on the right, but if you want the particular entry that made me laugh then here it is. enjoy
  • "Museum of Online Museums" is a wonderful resource of very good design related sites and resources, as well as museums catering to a... wider audience. I mean, who else would have a link to the Museum of Temporary Art?

anyway, enjoy.



  • rocks. Been on since last summer and it is the best recommendation/personalisation engine for music I have seen. Better than mercora or pandora. have discovered lots of good things on there including an amazing song by xiu xiu

    By Anonymous the_G, at 2:00 pm  

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