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Monday, February 27, 2006

ok, where shall i start..?

right. As you'll know (cos I'll bang on about it for ages) I was in Guatemala for a few weeks. I guess the proper thing to do would be to blog about stuff the day after it happened (like my mate).
However, I couldn't stand the idea of being stuck in some internet "cafe"(??!?) typing on a shit keyboard that won't type "c" without you really banging it hard, while i could be outside in the sun doing just about anything else.

Now, while i was away, I carried around a little notebook and filled page upon page of it with fascinating observations of the (new) world around me and the day I'd had. Perfect blogging material to retype when i got back. I even had the idea - or conceit - of scanning these pages rather than re-typing them. A blog filled with scans of contemporaneous notes! Brilliant!! [for nerds and IAs I hope you all ignore the fact that it would be unsearchable and not 'accessible' and none of my blind friends' screen readers could access it. I have no blind friends and to be honest I don't think anyone reads this stuff much anyway, so just go away and be brilliant somewhere else. and then give me a job or something].

However.... I'm now actually re-reading this stuff and .... well... it ain't that brilliant. I know, hard to admit, but it sounds like the ramblings of a guy sitting in a bar or restaurant on his own, writing in a tiny notebook as he waits for a beer or food, trying not to look like he's got no friends and that actually he wants to be alone at the bar as its the perfect time to write very brilliant stuff and no you can't look but are you a language student here or on holiday? oh travelling down from Belize... nice..


anyway, my notes won't be scanned (thouh it WAS a great conceit) but I'll try and get something of interest out of the sludge i wrote....



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