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Thursday, March 02, 2006

a good performance

Well, dunno whether you watched the match last night but I thought England played rather well. Looked good for the World Cup. Actually, Beckham, Gerrard, Ferdinand looked like they had midweek games on their mind. Maybe that's unfair - Ferdinand always plays like he's got something else on his mind, so no way of guessing why he was wayward with dribbling and passing.
Other players had something to prove, and it was only a friendly, but it showed spirit to come back - especially with senior players not leading the way - with two well taken goals. We will have to play for 95 minutes (as Man U mastered) to win the World Cup, so I actually think the last goal with its production in midfield (Carrick - yet another well weighted pass), bustling work by Wright-Phillips and tight execution by an on-form Cole boded well especially as they're hardly first team players.

But the World Cup is still a long way away.
and so will I be. My mate is getting married and I'll be best man - in Brisbane - during the Quarter Finals. yep, he cares not a jot about sport and probably still doesn't realise, but sooooommmmme people there may appreciate a telly being organised the night before, around 1am and on the wedding night (another reason for me to stay sober...). Mind you, the important thing is that me mate's marrying, so please write in your best wishes etc.



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