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Thursday, March 09, 2006


well, what would you expect me to say afetr the best nil-nil draw I've seen in ages? or tense-est anyway! I now have no fingernails!

I shoulda written this last night when my thoughts were fresh, when I could remember things like Reyes looking like he was up for it (some of those touches...) but then just drifting out - he couldn't buya goal. Same for all our players except Henry. That's our problem, but today is not a day for problems, its a day to wallow in the fact that we were better over both legs than the 9 times winners of this damn thing! Of course it would have been difficult to write as i drank myself into a haze... although that's not stopped me before!
Finally we get some work rate and effort from the team. We play for each other and it seems that some of the senior players aren't part of the 'gang' that the kids seem to have created. Did Pires get a pass? Did he offer himself up for one??

Anyway, no time for negativity. Lets enjoy it while it lasts and then when we calm down we can look to facing Liverpool at the weekend. Big match as Spurs face Chelsea as well, and we need that 4th spot (unless of course we actually win this bloody cup..)

btw bad luck to Liverpool (haven't read up too much on their match).



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