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Friday, March 17, 2006

food and language...

Have I said this before? But because I have precious little Spanish, when I look at menues its always a bit of a lottery as to what I'll get when I order.
I'm in a lovely little cafe and I've ordered "Sopa Caichikal" I think. No idea what kind of soup and the lovely woman/ owner was very helpful but unfathomable as to what it was. Was insistent that it was very good though, but I reckon she'd have said that about any of my choices!

Turns out its a leafy but incredibly bland soup. Basically hot water. And tortillas seem to remove flavour from whatever you're eating. However, thank god for the fact that the soup comes with a side platter of spices that you're meant to use to give it some kind of flavour.

All in all atually a good choice for a guy with a 'jippy tummy'. Though I might have overspiced that last bit...

uh oh.



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