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Friday, March 17, 2006

time warp....... man

In a greasy spoon in Panajachel. Actually this is more a breakfast cafe/ travel agent. The guy who's just come in is typical of one kind of person that seems to have washed up in Panajachel and stayed.
He's from Colorado and is drawling to some poor sod who happened to have a spare seat next to him (3 tables - 3 people so it could been any of us!)
Its taken him about 25 seconds to mention dope. the other guy is non-committal.
Now he's saying (and I quote):
"[in the U.S.] The military is in control.... all the people are on pharmaceuticals.... they're all sedated..."

Is it the fucking 60's??

This is tedious. It also now occurs to me that his assertion that he didn't like the U.S. cos "everyone's sedated" is a bit rich from a guy looking to score dope.



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