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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Actually, thinking of superstitions made me think (or ponder - you'll have to look back through the archives about my "pondering" affliction).

Are there modern superstitions?
I don't mean do modern people still touch wood, count magpies and pick the petals off flowers (she loves me... she loves me not...). Of course we do. But these are all old superstitions. I was trying to think of 'modern' ones.

After chatting with a friend we came up with a couple - both related to smoking funnily enough.
One was the "Its unlucky to light a third cigarette from the same match" which goes back to the trenches in WWI.
The other was that some smokers (apparantly) have a "lucky" cigarette that they turn upside down and put back in the packet. Apparently they smoke it last (unless my housemate is winding me up.... dunno).

So - do you know of any others? c'mon, if I get a bunch of these 'modern' superstitions I'll illustrate them.

There, now if that weren't incentive enough....


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