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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what a game!

We embarrassed them! I had a feeling it was our night but I never suspected we'd out-hussle them! Our work rate, our play for each other and most of all our speed!!
jesus I'm happy.

Just heard Lee Dixon on Radio 5 Live and he talks a lot of sense. Emphasised that this Arsenal is better in Europe because of the lack of physical pressure posed by european teams. Not startling but ensured that the conversation didn't just discuss dull topics like "Does this vindicate the selling of Vieira?". No, 13 million quid justifies the selling of a 29 year old who was getting heavier legs as he got older. Still a great player and I don't want to see him humiliated again but really, it was good business.
And Dixon did point out that you have to give young players some hope of playing in the team and that this would also have been a factor. He also mentioned that Wenger told him that he never really knew if a player had the necessary mental strength until he'd seen him at 19 or 20 and play in important games.

Looks like Fabragas is proving himself early then!

god, some images are coming back to me.... Pires making a tackle. Actually, Pires being rather good (must be thinking of his contract...), Fabregas fouling Vieira, Vieria being nutmegged, Vieria being left for dead by "race yer.." Henry, Hleb missing the pass... again, Toure's great tackles, Gilberto doing what he should do and being strong.... and Eboue! Jesus, Eboue steaming down the wing... and launching a stunning cross that noone had thought would come.

OK we ain't won the tie yet and then its the semis and then its the final. But still, refreshing to see the team play with pace and a helluva good sign for next season!

Oh, and of course there's the Premiership.... but sod that for tonight!



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