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Sunday, April 02, 2006

dammit! - that's why my music was getting stale

Recently I've been getting bored of the music I had on my shuffle iPod and was surprised that it wasn't as varied as I'd thought my tastes were.

The tonight it struck me when I thought - "That's odd; Paris Texas never comes on my iPod..."
So I checked and found I hadn't put it on. duh!
Now, I knew that I'd never got round to putting a few of my albums on my computer but I thought it was mainly the jazz stuff and some of the more ropey compilations and stuff that kind of turns up in one's collection like barnacles.

Well, I've just found forty albums that I haven't put on my computer. and that was without looking hard.


And they're not ropey. They're not even the jazz albums. No, this is stuff like:
Pixies - Surfer Rosa and Doolittle; Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream; Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain; The The - Mind Bomb; Blur - Parklife; Pulp - This is Hardcore; Billy fucking Bragg for christs sake (how the hell had i not spotted him not being played??);
And this ain't mentioning stuff like the Fatima Mansions, Gallon Drunk, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Sex Pistols and collections of James Bond, Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown. I'll ignore the fact that i didn't put Elvis Presley and an opera collection on.

Ok, I can see that this would have been the end of the stuff that I wouldv'e put on my computer when it was new a year ago, and that it would've taken ages (and shit - I've only had browdband for a few months, and I'm not typing track names!)

so, I see how it happened but still, this is good stuff I've been missing out on....

awww just spotted Dr. John - Gris Gris and Pet sounds and New York by Lou Reed... and the Mars Volta!

actually that's less of a surprise that I hadn't put it on.....



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